Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wood Block Sculptors

Teaching my 2nd grade about landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes we took sculptor to the next level. I had my scholars think about building a land, city, or seascape using geomentric wooden blocks. It was really interesting seeing them overcome the geometric shapes to create these scapes. I first gave them a work sheet having them think about what kind of scape they were going to create, and then sketch and idea of what they were creating. We also spent a class just exploring the blocks, thinking about space and balance. After that, they built their sculptors on a piece of cardboard, and later we painted them with watercolors.

Sponge Painted Snowman

This is a great simple winter project great for so many ages, I used it for Kindergarted and they loved it. I'd like to thank Soons Orchard for giving out free round sponges. They give out these great size round sponges, that they use for packing up apples. On our was upstate my husband and I often stop by for their amazing produce, baked goods and cider! Who knew a fantastic art project would come out too!